According to the latest client survey, here is a selection of comments about COPE and its programs:

  • “COPE has helped me to feel good, positive, and confident about myself in areas in my life and my recovery.”
  • “COPE has made me more self-assured and able to take charge of my life.”
  • “Great counseling has opened my eyes and heart and showed me a new life.”
  • “It has given me insight to myself and how to cope with my day-to-day life.”
  • “It made me more aware of the effects alcohol has on your body, physically and mentally.”
  • “I’m developing strategies to avoid putting myself in a bad situation again.”
  • “Taught me to think about consequences and to delay gratification.”
  • “COPE has stopped me from using drugs.”
  • “My life has done a 180° turn since attending COPE and applying what I learn here has helped me significantly.”
  • “Beyond belief. My life has done a 180.”
  • “I think I have learned to understand anger and its triggers better.”
  • “It has helped my daughter see a different view.”