Parenting Programs

The COPE Center is offering parenting workshops for those raising children between the ages of 8 and 21. The program is designed to offer parents an opportunity obtain new ideas that will help them to help their children. The workshops will offer a wide range of tips on how to partner with teachers to enhance the child’s performance, create an environment in which kids want to spend time at home, improve communication and build a relationship with older children. Extensive research has demonstrated that building these kinds of solid foundations with children is an essential part of helping kids make the right decisions when they encounter alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

Childcare will be provided – when registering please let us know of this need.

Other Parenting Programs and Services include:

  • Parents-to-Parents Support Group
  • Building Blocks Program
  • Community-based Parenting Workshops
  • Individually tailored Parenting seminars

To Register or for more information:

  • call (973)783-6655 Mon -Fri 9am – 5pm or Sat 9am – Noon
  • Click here to Email