Co-Occuring Program

The Co-Occurring Program is designed to provide clients with the support, skills and knowledge necessary to abstain from alcohol/drugs and maintain a stable mental health.

Challenges, such as medication issues, stigma, the need for positive coping skills, the need for support and the risk of relapse face our co-occurring population on a daily basis. These issues are discussed during individual sessions and covered in all groups.

Co-Occurring Groups are for clients with both substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses. The goal is for clients to have a better understanding of how their substance use disorder and mental health diagnosis must be treated to sustain lifelong recovery. Relapse triggers specific each individual are covered. The group looks at the client holistically and recognizes that both mental health and substance use disorder treatment must be integrated to be more effective.

The Recovery Group is a process-oriented group that is designed for clients’ support. The group focuses on the challenges of building a recovery-focused life. Clients are encouraged to reflect upon the changes they have made so far in their recovery and their plans for continuing on a healthy life-stable pathway. Participating in outside community-based support is highly encouraged as a key element in the post-treatment recovery plan.

The Safe and Sober Group is a trauma-informed group designed to assist clients in developing healthy coping skills. It is based on the (seeking safety) treatment module developed by Dr. Lisa M. Najavits. The group provides highly practical tools and techniques to engage clients in treatment, and teaches “safe coping skills” that apply to both mental health and substance use disorders, including respect, care, protection and healing.

Our Wellness Groups are designed to help clients reach a state of optimal physical and mental health. Clients learn to achieve their full potential by participating in sessions on topics such as proper nutrition, healthier eating habits, general self-care, use of leisure time, healthy relationships, yoga, and more.

Psychiatric Services for clients enrolled in the Co-Occurring Program include comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring.