Adult Outpatient Programs

COPE began providing general and mental health counseling services for over 50 years ago. We employ a strengths-based, supportive approach and offer an array of behavioral health services for adolescents and for adults ages 18 and older. These include mental health, psychiatric and substance abuse/addiction treatment services.  We also offer co-occuring treatment and a recovery support program.

COPE’s addiction treatment services are based on a philosophy of treatment which incorporates a biopsychosocial- and strengths-based perspective to addictive disorders. We believe in a holistic client-centered approach to treatment which we offer in an environment that is emotionally, psychologically, and physically safe for our patients.

Our goal of treatment is abstinence from addictive substances except for those medications, e.g. methadone, buprenorphine, etc., prescribed by a physician as part of the treatment plan.

Each client’s strengths and motivational stage are identified as part of developing a collaborative relationship so that together we can set goals and objectives reflecting where they are and what they hope to accomplish in treatment. Our multi-disciplinary treatment team believes that recovery requires physical, psychological, and spiritual rehabilitation to restore an individual to a meaningful and productive life. It is our philosophy that abstinence and recovery are achieved through a combination of proven treatment methods and the support of self-help meetings. COPE provides the clients with support and assistance in developing a recovery management plan for substance abuse, process addictions and co-occurring disorder issues.  We take into account an individual’s physical, psycho-social and social resources so that the least intrusive level of care is utilized. Counseling is multi-dimensional in order to maintain the client in the community while maximizing biopsychosocial functioning and enhancing self-efficacy.

Psychiatric services have been available since 2002.  Services offered include evaluation, and medication monitoring and are incorporated into substance abuse or general mental health counseling services.  They are not available as a stand-alone service at COPE.

Other general counseling services include individual, In addition, COPE offers an anger management program for adults and another one specifically for adolescents. Grief and loss counseling services are provided both onsite and are also available off-site for schools and other institutions following a traumatic event.